For Buyers

Should I buy vs. rent?  Which homeownership programs are available to assist me?  How do I get a loan? When I find the home of my dreams, how much do I offer? What happens on closing day? Are these some of the questions you are  asking yourself as you consider purchasing your new home?  We have seamlessly assisted numerous clients with purchasing the home of their dreams with great rates, home buyer incentives and a smooth transaction. We are also here for you!

To ensure you are prepared for a "stress-free" real estate transaction, we provide you with a FREE 45 minute home buyers consultation. During this consultation we will provide you with:

  • Free credit report
  • Review your qualification for down payment and closing cost assistance programs.
  • Review of the home buying process so you will know whats involved and what to expect.
  • A personalized action plan so that you will know what steps you will need to take to move forward.
  • A free copy of our e-book, "Charleston's Best Home Team Home Buying Tool Kit."

Unlike what happens with some lenders, a borrower who isn't quite credit ready is not turned away. Instead, we provide support to borrowers via a designated credit consultant and will offer constructive improvement guidance until the goal of homeownership is achieved.

Buying a new home can be overwhelming.  Whether you are purchasing new construction, a custom built home or resale, we are with you every step of the way.  As a certified Buyers representative or buyers agent, we are an advocate for the buyer--not the seller--in a real estate transaction.  As a buyers representative we have completed advanced training and have proven experience in serving the special needs of buyer-clients.

So "NO" Worries!  Leave all the work to our team. We are with you throughout your entire real estate experience from the time you sign your contract... to the closing are never alone! As your buyers representative, we protect your best interest, while simplifying the transaction for you.

To begin to prepare yourself to purchase your new home in the Charleston SC real estate market, Contact Us today to schedule your FREE Home Buyers Consultation: 1(888) 992-4723 or simply complete the form below.