Renovating On a Budget

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Whether you are renovating your home before it goes on the market or just updating your home to make it your ‘own’, the cost to make these changes can sometimes be overwhelming. While many people can see the value in putting money into your home (usually increasing your home equity to some degree,) oftentimes these updates become dreams versus reality due to the cost. There are ways to save, though, without having to break the bank. Read on for some great suggestions on how to achieve your ‘dream home’ or make your listing stand out from the pack:

– Upgrade Your Bathroom Countertops: Are you countertops bringing down the look of your bathroom? Home Depot has a great ‘remnant’ program where you can have them replace your existing countertop and sink with luxurious granite for a third of what it would normally cost.
– Shop Online: We all use Amazon for household items and clothing but we may not all think about using some online sites to purchase building materials. Online sites like Ebay and are great ways to find the perfect fixtures at an affordable cost.
– Do Your Shopping Ahead of Time: You probably have a number in mind of how much you would like to spend before you begin your project but you may also want to actually do your shopping before you dig in, as well. Oftentimes, material costs can be higher than expected so save yourself unnecessary stress down the road by sourcing everything before you start.
– Shop the Clearance Sections: Just like when you are shopping for clothes, shop the clearance racks at Home Depot and Lowes. Oftentimes, they will have custom items severely marked down and just ripe for the picking. You can also negotiate with the store managers on pricing. No prices are truly set in stone.

Good luck on achieving your dream home!

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