Military On The Move!


As your Military Relocation Specialists, We welcome you to Charleston! 

What does Charleston have to offer? What communities are a great place to live? How does the school systems rate? What activities are available for me and my family to enjoy? Are these just a few of the many questions you are asking yourself as you prepare for your move to Charleston? As a retired military family we can definitely relate as we these same question crossed our minds as we prepared for upcoming assignments.

Charleston is a place where history lives. Famous golf courses, top-rated tennis courts, pristine beaches, monumental battleships and beautifully preserved architecture barely scratches the surface of attractions in Charleston. With its lively and historical festivals and cultural events, there's never a dull moment in Charleston.  From the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition every February, to the Spoleto Festival USA held each June, to the wide array of nightlife activities, there is always something going on in Greater Charleston. Many come to Charleston with one thing in mind: Food. For many would say that "Charleston looks as good as it taste." And might we add that we totally agree.

As you make your transition to Charleston, we are here to assist you in finding the right home for you and your family. The services we provide to our military and relocating families focus on the following:

  • Using my personal experience of 22 years of military service, we clearly understand your relocation needs, therefore we are able to better assist you with a smooth transition.
  • Using our knowledge of the communities, schools and transportation systems in the city to help you find a home in the neighborhood that best meets your family's needs with an easy commute to your military base or work location.
  • Keeping in mind that Charleston, South Carolina may not be your last assignment. We can simplify your future relocation by making sure the home you purchase now will still be attractive to buyers when it's time to leave.
  • Our hands on approach with providing one-on-one guidance with things you may need upon your arrival.

We absolutely love Charleston, South Carolina, which is why after retiring, we decided to make it home. We think you will love South Carolina as much as we do. The city and surrounding areas have a lot to offer to you and your family that we know you will enjoy.

To request additional information complete the form below or contact us at (888) 992-4723. We look forward to assisting you and your family with a smooth transition and we look forward to saying, "Welcome to Charleston".

As a Veterans United Realtor Coordinator, we can assist you with the entire home buying process. From getting pre-aproved to closing on your home; making your transition as seamless as possible.

As a Military Relocation Specialists, as we sell your home here in the area our services also include connecting you with one of our professional real estate connects at your new location to ensure you are receiving the assistance you will need to ensure a smooth PCS relocation.

Military buyers have access to the most powerful lending program on the market. Through the benefits of the VA Loan, more buyers have the ability to purchase a home.

  • Put zero down and finance 100% of the home's value
  • Pay lower interest rates, thanks to the VA guaranty
  • Qualify easier than other loan program
  • Save thousands over the life of your loan by paying no Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

We offer complimentary credit repair instruction. Unlike what happens with other lenders, a borrower who isn't quite credit ready is not turned away. Instead, we provide support to borrowers via a designated credit consultant and will offer constructive improvement guidance until the goal of homeownership is achieved.

Our Personal Tips for Relocating:

  1. Don't go at it alone: -Take advantage of military and civilian resources that are available to you. - Ask other military families about their experience and available resources in your new community.
  2. Get organized and prepare for your move: - Start preparing as soon as you receive written or verbal orders. - Being organized helps to reduce the level of stress for you and your family.
  3. Assess your and/or your families situation and needs: -To help your kids stay positive, make a list and discuss the things you are looking forward to. - Review your financial situation (debt and cost of living needs) and establish a budget. - Determine housing cost at your new location (contact me for a relocation package). - Ensure your personal affairs information is up to date (i.e. wills, power of attorney). - Determine child care, school aged children, and adult educational needs. - Remember, overseas moves are more complex, so allow yourself enough time and get the resource you need to address unique concerns.
  4. Develop a plan and checklist: - As we learn in the military, a plan must be executed; establish a system to execute your plan; use a notebook, a planning device or pre-established checklists. - Create excitement, involve the entire family in the planning process for your new duty station.
  5. Establish a schedule: - Be optimistic yet realistic; don't try to do everything at once. Break larger task into smaller components. Spreading smaller task over a longer period of time makes things more manageable. - Remain flexible. Our military lifestyle teaches us that even the best made plans can change. Remaining open to change and new opportunities will create a more positive experience.
  6. Household goods: - Inventory and photograph your belongings just in case you need to file a claim (let's hope not). - Determine requirements for storage, moving pets, and vehicles.
  7. Don't forget to make time for family and individual needs and emotions: - Talk it out! Make the time to sit down as a family and discuss your feelings about the move. - Keep familiar patterns or routines as much as possible; familiarity provides security. - Make it a fun by incorporating fun activities along the way.
  8. Say Good-byes: - As we know, we meet many good friends along the way. It's important to say good-bye and express feelings of sadness so you can move on emotionally as well as physically. - Keep an eye on the children...moving can be especially traumatic for them. Help children to meet new teachers and friends at their new location.
  9. Welcome to your new home: - Along with meeting your new military family, be sure to meet your new neighbors. - Get up, get out, and get involved! The best way to overcome loneliness is to be around people and to quickly put down roots in your new location.
  10. MAKE THE BEST OF YOUR NEW ASSIGNMENT: - Each assignment provides you with a chance to meet new people and explore new opportunities. Don't allow circumstances to impact the great things that await you; make the best of each day!