She has shown herself to be a leader in the field.

Before working with Sarah Coleman-Lee, I had rarely seen the professionalism and commitment in other Realtors that I see in her. In my job, it is imperative that the Realtor and loan officer work hand in hand to ensure a smooth, successful transaction. Without that commitment there is often breakdown in communication that makes the real estate transaction unnecessarily stressful.

When I began working with Sarah, I noticed a confidence that she instilled in her customers by the way she conducted her business professionally, honestly, and with integrity. It is encouraging to me as a lender, that Sarah and her team is always maintaining a level of education and career building skills that keep them on top of the industry. She has shown herself to be a leader in the field.

Now, after having worked with Sarah and her team, I have witnessed several successful home buying transactions with very satisfied clients. I would recommend her to any client that is in need of a real estate agent. By referring her, I would feel very confident that she will take care of the client. She treats all clients with respect and works very hard to get them the best deal possible through contract negotiations. A Contract that fits the client’s needs and protects them. Sarah and her team is truly an asset to have on your side during the home buying process.